Review of littleshu1

Today, I’m going to do something new, review a blog about sports. Don’t worry! I will be back to cooking soon. To be more specific this blog is about all types of sports and what happens in the day to day sports news. The blog is written by Nate Shuler. Shuler has written a very educational, organized, and informative blog about sports. He has discussed basketball, soccer, football,and snowboarding. He follows the current flow of sports news.

The layout is colorful with the use of different reds. He makes his blog very visually dynamic with the use of pictures. I would highly suggest this blog to any sports followers. Shuler keeps his blog current with the latest sports news. The content of his blog is very readable and he is very invested in how his readers sway in a game. He has made a poll about who you think will win the series… the lightening or the red wings. His how to kick a soccer ball is very informative and easy to follow. His other posts are extremely informative and fact based. Because of all of these things, I would highly recoment this blog to any sports fan that is an extremest or just likes to know how a game went. If you want to know more about his blog or to check it out go  to

I hope you enjoy this blog as much as I have.


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